Meet Amanda

Amanda Greene became an engaged healthcare activist after living with Lupus (and other autoimmune conditions) for decades. Her struggles made her advocate for herself; now she also advocates for others.
In early 2018, Amanda shared her patient experience at HIMSS in a session about the impact of Health Technology on her healthcare.  On her way to advocate for Lupus on Capitol Hill, later in March, Amanda will be on the patient panel at the Virtual Medicine conference sharing her perspective on how VR (virtual reality) can help people living with chronic pain.  As a woman living with chronic pain, Amanda is the current International Pain Foundation’s “Face of Osteoarthritis” and recently the “Face of Lupus” raises chronic pain awareness for the organization on behalf of chronic pain patients. As she says, “connecting and collaborating are the keys to transforming healthcare”.
As @LAlupusLady online she openly shares her perspectives of the patient journey. Her story “Living Well with Lupus” is a chapter in Jan Oldenburg’s newest book “Participatory Healthcare.”
Amanda is more than a “Lupus advocate”, she is a dedicated “Healthcare Activist” that has been interviewed for the Los Angeles Times and KCBS LA on health topics and the British Medical Journal published her patient commentary on “The power of Social Media.”

Amanda is a frequent contributor to the online healthcare conversation and actively shares her passions and patient experience at conferences and seminars.  As an accomplished brand ambassador with particular experience in healthcare, fashion, entertainment and media industries Amanda has organized publicity events, from live launch parties to and online Twitter Chats for nationally distributed brands and campaigns.  Amanda has developed successful campaigns and events for diverse clients including: CNN, Warner Brothers Television, the Mill Valley Film Festival, Bill Graham Productions and Grateful Dead Productions.  Connecting with Social Media is a natural extension of Amanda’s warm personality.

Amanda lives in Los Angeles with her husband Steve and their cat, “Ally”.  Her pasions include music, art, photography, gardening and supporting social good.

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