“The Cure” shows music heals.

While most of North America slept, 100,000 or so people were partying in Indio, California Saturday night.  Even more, like me, watched online as Lady Gaga performed her first (of two) Coachella 2017 sets.  If you were sleeping and missed it – Lady Gaga debuted a nice song, “The Cure”, last night at Coachella mixed among her iconic hits and tracks of “JOANNE”, her latest release.  As a woman living with Lupus, as much as I love Lady Gaga concerts it was against doctor’s orders to dance in the sun all weekend to await Mother Monster/Joanne’s performance at Coachella.  (My team of doctors know me and have recommended that I attend as many JOANNE World Tour shows as possible!)  Gaga’s set and the new song instantly got my body moving despite the severe chronic pain my ankle and back have been experiencing due to Systemic Lupus and Osteoarthritis.  I was “off the mattress dancing” well after midnight,  Lady Gaga and her music are powerfully healing and “The Cure” proves it.

Last week, I participated in a clinical trial for Lupus Research that got me thinking about how music should be studied as an effective therapy for coping with acute and chronic pain.  As a woman who struggles with the challenges of living with pain, I have found healing with Gaga’s “The Cure”. There must be a way for music therapists and pain management physicians to collaborate.


It is the middle of April and I should be planning awareness activities for “Lupus Awareness Month” in May, but Gaga debuted a new song and, just like that, my passion for activism and advocacy is lit!

Author: LALupusLady

I am a Lupus Advocate, Healthcare Activist and Social Media Brand Ambassador who enjoys sharing stories with passion and flair. Celebrating the joy of life with smiles and style.

3 thoughts on ““The Cure” shows music heals.”

  1. I so get what you’re saying about this new song! I love reading your stuff and learn so much. I’m struggling with health and loneliness , you do so much . THANK YOU , I wish I lived closer to be involved with you and all you do. I’m here in Indiana, thankfull for all you post and put out there. LADY GAGA , songs and beautiful talent and heart also touch my heart, positive and all emotions means so much in all songs. I hope she truly knows it touches someone like me home alone and sick, feeling her heart of caring for all tof love. You also bring a light to this illness and reason to keep reading and learn more to help me be a advocate more for me. Thank you sweetie lady again for your strength and giving to us all so. Take care I hope you are having a great evening, resting welll. Good nite

  2. I’m reading this today. A year after I was diagnosed. I want to agree that God and music is good for you. Avril Lavigne’s new song Head above water has the same meaning for me

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