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CBD for Me – One Lupus Patient’s Experience with Cannabidol. (Repost)

TO CBD OR NOT TO CBD? If you have read any online content regarding CBD (the term for cannabidiol),), you will know that the messaging can be confusing and/or overwhelming with facts and information and lots of pros and cons. Therefore, as a person who is in the “thick” of medical issues, I think it… Continue reading CBD for Me – One Lupus Patient’s Experience with Cannabidol. (Repost)

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“The Cure” shows music heals.

While most of North America slept, 100,000 or so people were partying in Indio, California Saturday night.  Even more, like me, watched online as Lady Gaga performed her first (of two) Coachella 2017 sets.  If you were sleeping and missed it - Lady Gaga debuted a nice song, "The Cure", last night at Coachella mixed… Continue reading “The Cure” shows music heals.

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Upgrading to a new level of protection.

This weekend, I will be "walking" in the Lupus Foundation of America's Los Angeles "Walk with Us to End Lupus Now". If you know me, you know I will be donning my purple "LA Lupus Lady" cape to harness my "flair" to transform into a patient advocate/activist that shares "Lupus Awareness is fun.  Lupus is… Continue reading Upgrading to a new level of protection.


“Sharing is Caring.”

My way of managing Lupus symptoms is what many would call “alternative” or “holistic”, but it is not conventional.  Each person is unique--and Lupus patients are especially so.  Unlike some diseases,  there is no protocol that works for the majority of patients.  I learned from my mother how to ask questions and make informed choices… Continue reading “Sharing is Caring.”