CBD for Me – One Lupus Patient’s Experience with Cannabidol. (Repost)


If you have read any online content regarding CBD (the term for cannabidiol),), you will know that the messaging can be confusing and/or overwhelming with facts and information and lots of pros and cons. Therefore, as a person who is in the “thick” of medical issues, I think it might be helpful to wade through all the rhetoric and medical journal articles and learn about CBD from a person who has Lupus who has seen first – hand seen many positive benefits. 

Please note –   Every person is different and will have their own story. 

amanda Greene


I was willing to try anythingto ease my pain which was making it difficult for me to fall and stay asleep.

Thankfully, I discovered that CBD infused edibles often would work for me and relieve my symptoms more than the prescribed or over the counter medicines that were often suggested.  I made sure to be transparent with my medical practitioners as I discussed that I was using CBD products with my physician.  He concurred that using CBD or any alternative treatment to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation was acceptable for my patient care.

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When I take CBD edibles such as the ones that are offered by Calm Sunshine, my body feels the impact in a timely manner.  There is no long – term waiting period. The impact is rather quick and effective. CBD almost immediately calms me down, reduces my feelings of anxiousness and pain and inflammation in my lupus joints and nerves. Sleeping comes easier as my body is relaxed and my mind at ease. 

Keep in mind I am referring to the non-THC forms of CBD – so there is no “high”.   

One example of how I use CBD is that I will take an edible ‘gummy’ before I exercise.  The fact that I am able to exercise at all is because CBD helps my body relieve tension and pain so that I can “move more” in addition to being able to exercise, CBD products such as the ones from Calm Sunshine helps my body to recover from a workout easier, as there is no tension and post workout cramping.  

“Best of all, I have not experienced any harsh side – effects from taking and using CBD.”


I joined “Team Calm Sunshine” (#TeamCalmSunshine) because it is a business that is owned and operated by women who have taken the time to be educated and understand the products they sell. They recognize the importance of educating consumers.  Calm Sunshine promotes open discussion and queries.  Plus, they are highly collaborative.   The people and team share corporate values that stress transparency and integrity.   

Please explore this website for additional information about CBD and related content.

Amanda Greene is a member of “Team Calm Sunshine” and a woman who lives with lupus, fibromyalgia, her husband Steve and their cat “Ally” in Los Angeles.  .  She was the recipient of the WEGO Health “Healthcare Collaborator: Patient” Award and was recognized by the International Pain Foundation as the PATIENT ADVOCATE of the YEAR in 2018.

You may find her on Facebook, Instagram and especially on Twitter at @LAlupusLady.

Amanda is a brand ambassador for Calm Sunshine and this is a sponsored blog. However, all the information is organic and verified. 

Note: This is a repost from Calm Sunshine – a CBD company in Southern California #spon

Open Yourself to the Future of Personal Connected Health

Here is a post I wrote for the Personal Connected Health Alliance on Virtual Reality and Patient Care.



Kicking off my “Kindness Plays.”

Kindness Plays for the Born This Way Foundation.

The Born This Way Foundation has declared 2017 “The Year of Kindness.”  It’s January and I hope you are ready to join me.  My plans to share kindness in 2017 are well underway.  I am going to be a part of the “Kickoff for Kindness.”  In addition to eagerly awaiting Lady Gaga’s halftime performance, I’ll be participating by having friends over for a #KindnessForKindness Watch Party for Super Bowl 51 on February 5th.  Choosing to step it up a bit, I am starting work on my “Kindness Plays” before the game.

As a fan of the NFL I was thrilled when it was announced that Lady Gaga would be performing at the Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show.  It is so much fun when my passions collide;  Gaga at the Super Bowl is a huge passion collision.  I can’t wait until the “Kickoff” so I am sharing my “Kindness Plays” with you now.  According to the Born This Way Foundation, “Kindness Plays” are simple activities you and your guests can complete in less than five minutes before, during or after the Big Game.  The Foundation’s Kindness Playbook can be found here : https://bornthisway.foundation/kindness/get-your-kindness-playbook/  Next week is Championship Sunday –but you can be join my “Kickoff for Kindness” Party right now!

Born this Way Foundation


Donate to an incredible nonprofit.

Lady Gaga’s song “JOANNE” is a musical tribute to her aunt who died due to Lupus complications.  I have been living with Lupus for almost 35 years.  As “LA Lupus Lady”, my main Kindness Play is that I am seeking support of my favorite Lupus nonprofit and asking people (friends, family and strangers) for donations to the Lupus Research Alliance and to join my “Walk with Us to Cure Lupus” Los Angeles Walk Team.  100% of all donations to the Lupus Research Alliance directly fund Lupus Research because the Board of Directors pay for all operating and administrative costs.

Support me in the LA “Walk With Us To Cure Lupus” http://walk.lupusresearch.org/site/TR/WalkwithUs/Walk2013Redesign/30889625?px=1925494&pg=personal&fr_id=4011

Join the team “Lupus Awareness is Fun!” at The Rose Bowl on March 4th to “Walk with Us to Cure Lupus” http://walk.lupusresearch.org/site/TR/WalkwithUs/Walk2013Redesign/30889625?pg=team&fr_id=4011&team_id=97451

Every donation counts and your support can help scientists find an innovative way to prevent, treat or cure Lupus.

If supporting Lupus is not for you the Born This Way Foundation’s mission is to empower youth and inspire bravery.  You can donate to Lady Gaga’s organization, a donation of $20.17 would be “too kind.”https://secure.bornthiswayfoundation.org/page/contribute/donate-btwf

Collecting food for a food pantry.

Everybody knows that a Super Bowl party isn’t complete without an array of snacks and food, well the truth is too many people in America are hungry.  So I am asking my guests to bring four non-perishable food items.  Why four?   Because there are four quarters in a football game and it is not too much to ask. it is an easy way to score a “Kindness Play” before the game starts.  All the food collected will be given to a LA area food bank.

Decorate meal bags for kids who need a little extra love.

This “Kindness Play” is a creative way to make a child smile.  I will be supplying bags and art supplies for my guests and during the #KickoffForKindness Watch Party they will be able to decorate a meal bag for children who receive food from Kids’ Food Basket.  The kids get a bit of kindness when the meals are delivered in a cute/cool/fun bag.  http://www.kidsfoodbasket.org/

These “Kindness Plays” are simple and important.   Please support and join me or step it up and host your own “Kickoff For Kindness” Watch Party.  Learn more here:  https://bornthisway.foundation/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Kindness-Playbook.pdf

Upgrading to a new level of protection.

This weekend, I will be “walking” in the Lupus Foundation of America’s Los Angeles “Walk with Us to End Lupus Now”. If you know me, you know I will be donning my purple “LA Lupus Lady” cape to harness my “flair” to transform into a patient advocate/activist that shares “Lupus Awareness is fun.  Lupus is not.”  But before I take one step for Lupus Research, I wanted to share a few ways that I am upgrading the protection arsenal in my life.Holla Hers

The bright pink and chic design may be deceiving, but this “Holla Hers” Personal Alarm from Damsel In Defense http://DamselProGal.com comes with a L.E.D. flashlight and is adaptable to any key chain, and has a 120-decibel alarm. This alarm does not guarantee protection but offers me a signal and in the event of an attack, I hope to never hear the piercing noise again.  After I unwrapped the “Holla Hers”, I took it outside for a test run – and run my cat did!  I will hopefully never hear that shrieking sound again.image (1)

During this past “Emmy Weekend” at the Vanity Fair Social Club (#VFSC) we not only honored the nominees but the Social Media Correspondents (affectionately known as “Twitterati”) celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Viktor and Rolf’s “Flowerbomb” perfume.  The
sexy scent comes packaged in a sleek glass/crystal “grenade” complete with “V and R” logo as the “grenade pin” per se.  This is one floral scent that powers without being overbearing; this ‘scent-sational’ addition to my arsenal of aromatherapy  T
he bottle looks as good as the liquid encased inside it smells.

imageMy cape has been put away and I recently got it out of the purple box and laid it out – ready to wear on Saturday as I join the LFA at the LA Coliseum in Exposition Park.  Putting on the purple is one way we unify together for the non-profit.  This past June I was a scholarship winner and the Lupus Foundation of America sponsored my trip to the Lupus Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C. I cannot wait to walk in support of the Lupus Patients (Warriors) and the LFA  wearing the purple cape that stayed in LA while I shared Lupus Advocacy with members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

“Sharing is Caring.”

My way of managing Lupus symptoms is what many would call “alternative” or “holistic”, but it is not conventional.  Each person is unique–and Lupus patients are especially so.  Unlike some diseases,  there is no protocol that works for the majority of patients.  I learned from my mother how to ask questions and make informed choices early on in life.  I strive to thrive and live “with flair”; to do that I often have to fight for my rights as a patient to control, plan and choose my treatment.  I have a team of specialists and doctors that work with me.  As the patient I am the consumer; the product of their services directly impacts my life and ability to control my SLE, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and antiphospholipid syndrome.  As my own healthcare advocate, I realized that my body was going to help me discover what therapies would or would not work.  After trying the conventional treatments and having mild to no success (in addition tp the side effects of these treatments) in collaboration with my healthcare team (led by me) we decided to first taper, and then eliminate the steroids.  I had already made the informed decision and refused to take plaquenil (spell check) after reading about the long term side effects on eyes and vision.  At that time (1986), the doctors weren’t thinking about my longevity or quality of life with Lupus, they simply wanted to control the presenting “issue” as fast as they could whip out their prescription pad.  It wasn’t until two days before my 21st birthday when my rheumatologist told me I should go to Las Vegas and celebrate because I had beaten the odds.  When I asked him to explain he said after my initial visit when I was first diagnosed that he would have given me a 50% chance of living more than five years.  Instead,  I celebrated by going on a trip to Israel, Paris and New York.  Without realizing it, I was developing “Lupus Style” –a sense of celebration and deep gratitude at the incredible moments of life “with flair” while fighting and/or avoiding a “flare.”  I have often been asked to share “what do I take or do to manage my Lupus?.”   That’s when I decided to start this series of blog posts.  I look forward to sharing what works for me and learning what works for you.  Together, we can learn and improve the quality of our healthcare and our lives.

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